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The 2010-2015 AIA Strategic Plan Toolkit

AIA Component Leaders, Members and Staff:
These four documents together represent the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan Toolkit, as we discussed and developed together at this recent Grassroots 2010 conference and blizzard. Hopefully several people from your component were able to meet during the Component Peer Breakfasts to hear the presentation by members of the Board and to make comments.

As we discussed then, the primary purpose of this Toolkit is to help AIA Members and all Components merge our planning efforts and understand and plan our work actions within the common framework of the AIA 2010-2015 Strategic Plan.

This process is intended to be a flexible and context responsive tool, helping Components to better decide where and how to invest their unique resources and talents for maximum impact in their particular circumstances. We have found the process to provide a dynamic and beneficial experience for your own leadership, and a support for our common planning. This toolkit includes:

AIA SP Toolkit-1 Intro.pdf
This letter, outlining the other documents you may use in this process.

AIA SP Toolkit-2 Strategic Plan.pdf
The shorter overview of the AIA 2010-2015 Strategic Plan, as approved by the AIA Board in December 2009, which is short enough to provide copies for those involved in your planning process.

AIA SP Toolkit-3 Explanation.ppt
The PowerPoint explanation, first presented at Grassroots 2010. This show highlights earlier planning documents and the process for soliciting input over the past year. It outlines the suggested structure for a Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies, as a starting point for Components. Finally, it introduces the Weave as a matrix for Components to align their actions within the overall framework, and provides two examples of its use. The show is intended to be used by you to kick-off your own planning session and overall process. Please check the “Notes Page” in your view options, as the show has a complete set of possible speakers’ narrative.

AIA SP Toolkit-4 Weave.xls
The weave is a stright-forward Excel spreadsheet, used to keep track of your Components Actions and Initiatives. Filling out the charts is a relatively simple exercise which also creates an opportunity for your leadership to discuss and debate the programs and activities already in place. Ultimately a snapshot of you as an organization emerges, a "Weave," allowing components insight into who they are and who they want to be.

Note that the Excel file is a Workbook with 7 separate Worksheets in tabs along the bottom, numbered in the order they might best be addressed. Further instructions are included in the Weave, in boxes of text that can be deleted when you are ready to fill in your charts. The 7 steps include:

  • Step 1: Vision
  • Step 2: Mission
  • Step 3: Goals
  • Step 4: Strategies
  • Step 5: Action by Goal
  • Step 6: Action by Strategy
  • Step 7: Making your Weave

More AIA SP Toolkit information can be found here.

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