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While Indiana architects have associated with each other since 1892 through a state-wide professional organization, official association between architects in Northeast Indiana is a relatively modern occurrence. The first documented organization was established in 1979 as an independent group and was known as the Fort Wayne Society of Architects. A decade later, the Fort Wayne Society of Architects joined the profession’s premier national organization, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and became known as AIA Fort Wayne a few years later as part of a larger, institute-wide rebranding effort. In 2015, AIA Fort Wayne merged with AIA Indianapolis, AIA Southern Indiana, and AIA Northern Indiana into a single state chapter with regional sections. Today, the local section enjoys participation of architects and related professionals throughout Northeast Indiana and collaborates with AIA members throughout Indiana and the Ohio Valley Region on a regular basis.

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AIA Fort Wayne Section has a wide variety of standing committees to address the interests, needs, and mission of the section, as well as to enhance public knowledge about architects and the built environment. Committees work in conjunction in order to advance the strategic goals of the section.

Both members and sponsors are invited to serve. Please send an email to jshelley@aiaindiana.org if you would like to serve or need further information.